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Malcom-Jamal Warner Shares Adorable First Pictures of His Newborn! [PHOTOS]

In case you didn't know it, Malcolm-Jamal Warner is now a proud papa! That's right, Theo Huxtable has a family of his own. Up until recently little to NOTHING had been shared by Warner about his child, or the child's mother, with the public. So far the mother has been faceless in photos and the baby, who has YET to have a gender reveal, has only been seen in tiny glimpses.

I get the secrecy and wanting to keep your private life PRIVATE. After all, Jamie Foxx kept the mothers of his daughters out of sight for decades! It keeps folks out of your business and allows the mother of the child to still live her normal, civilian life. Big-ups to people who manage to pull all of this off. Think about it, have we seen Kerry Washington's kids yet? No? I didn't think so. Anyway, catch these candids that Malcolm-Jamal did share with us!

This was his pregnancy announcement:

When he celebrated his first Father's Day:

And peaceful family time:

No matter who the mother is, or what the sex of the baby is, congratulations are definitely in order!

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