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Looks Like Beyonce's Twins Aren't Named Shawn and Bea. . .

The Beyhive has been waiting for what seems like years to find out what the names of Beyonce' and Jay-Z's are. Well, it looks like the wait may finally be over. According to sources the Carter's filed paperwork with the United States Patent and Trademark department to protect the names Sir and Rumi. Many of you may remember that right after Blue Ivy was born a company sprung up out of no where and tried to use her name for its brand. Well, in order to protect the newest members of the family from having that same type of legal drama, before they can even hold their heads up, the company that holds the trademark for the rest of the Carter clan filed to protect the names Sir and Rumi on June 26, 2017.

According to TMZ:

The name Rumi appears to be an homage to a 13th century Persian poet by that name -- and Sir happens to be referenced in one of his most famous poems:

“Bring the pure wine of love and freedom. But sir, a tornado is coming. More wine, we'll teach this storm A thing or two about whirling.”

The trademarks are for fragrances, cosmetics, key chains, baby teething rings, strollers, mugs, water bottles, hair ribbons, playing cards, tote bags, sports balls, rattles and novelty items.

I think that the trademark filing makes it pretty official. Blue Ivy Carter has been joined by Sir and Rumi to round out the family of five! What do you all think of these names? I kinda like them. Either way, congrats Carters!

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