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Biggie's Mom is Not Here for Kylie and Kendall Jenner's Disgusting Behavior! [PHOTOS]

In a recent Instagram post Ms. Voletta Wallace, the mother of Notorious B.I.G., lashed out against appropriation, privilege and utter disrespect and it was all directed towards the younger "Kardashian" clan members Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Evidently the two girls thought it would be cute to take their Instagram pictures and superimpose them onto the likeness of Ms. Wallace's slain son, as well as Tupac, and sell them on these internet streets with no permission from the families or the estates of the two rappers. Well. . . isn't this the same privilege Christopher Columbus exercised when he came to a land filled with people and discovered it? You can't claim something as yours just because you want it and it looks cool, mmkay?

Check out Ms. Wallace's Instagram-boldness! I love it! AND she sent it straight to their mentions. MY GIRL!

Not only is Ms. Wallace upset but, the folks on Twitter are pretty much calling "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS" as I type!

And these are just SOME of the tweets! Look, I believe in letting your creative juices flow, being crafty, the whole shebang, BUT WHAT YOU NOT GON DO IS STEAL! Not only did they steal the likeness of these two men, they're essentially stealing money from their estates. This is complete trash and I stand behind Ms. Wallace the whole way!

UPDATE: After a thorough dragging Kylie and Kendall issued a very lame apology. Are we accepting it or nah?

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