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Rihanna Has a New Boo! [PHOTOS]

I'm all for folks moving on in life and finding love and it looks like my girl Rihanna has done just that! Rihanna hasn't been seriously linked to anyone since she BRIEFLY dated Drake last year and we all know about that relationship that we're all trying to forget.

At the moment, we don't know anything about her new mystery man other than the face that he's fond of water, champagne and tongue kissing but, that's a start right?

The two were spotted in Spain enjoying some private time in a pool and getting a little hot and heavy! Speaking of heavy, Rihanna appears to have some pretty heavy eyelids in one of the pictures where she's seen with a *cough* blunt *cough* cigar in her hand. The two eventually took their action inside and away from our prying eyes. Take a gander at the photos below and let's speculate on the tea as it brews in the comments below!

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