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There's Something About Halle. . .

Over the weekend, Halle Berry set tongues wagging about her again and NO, it has nothing to do with her marital relations. . . kinda.

Halle attended the 16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball and sparked a wealth of rumors when she took to the red carpet solo but with an added wardrobe accessory. . . a possible BABY BUMP!

Now, at this stage, the bump under Halle's dress could be one of two things, either she ate a really good meal before attending the Ball or it could actually be the fact that she's baking her third baby!

Check the gallery for more poses and possibilities!

The only reason I THINK it's an actually human baby, and not a fictional food baby, is because of the positioning of her hands. No woman who has had too much to eat accentuates it by placing her hands on her stomach. We suck it in. A LOT! As a matter of fact, we've been known NOT to eat the day of an event if it's going to make us look questionable in our gowns. . . I'm just saying. IF Halle is pregnant this would be her third child, joining her 9-year old daughter Nalah and son Maceo who is 3. This also puts Halle in the running with Janet Jackson for the race to see who can be the sexiest 50 year old new mom! Although there's no word on who the possible father could be, congrats to Halle on the new baby!


Halle took to her Instagram page to denounce claims that she is pregnant and blames her fuller looking midsection on her consumption of "steak and fries".

I'm not buying it and, in my book, she's still on Baby Bump watch!

Let's chat about this in the comments below!

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