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We Owe Tiger an Apology!

It appears that we all owe Tiger Woods an apology! Allegations began flying after Tiger was arrested early Memorial Day morning on a suspected DUI. Tiger was reportedly passed out behind the wheel of his car and his car showed signs of a possible minor accident. As it turns out, we are all wrong!

Breathalyzer test results confirm that Tiger scored a 0.00 at the time of his arrest. Meaning, he had absolutely NO alcohol in his system! However, Tiger does claim that he was taking prescribed medication at the time an suffered an adverse reaction. To furthered add insult to injury (and still make him look suspect), the Police department has released the dash cam footage of the arrest. Check it out below!

Tiger definitely doesn't look good in these videos but I can't tell if this is a prescription drug problem or. . . ya, know. . . either way, sorry Tiger, "who are me to judge?

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