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Explicit Lyrics! Nicki Minaj Dropping New Music?

I'm not a lover of rap music, and by rap music I mean this new stuff that people are playing but, I love when artists leak their own stuff! About 30 minutes ago Nicki Minaj posted a video of her lip-syncing to what sounds like a new track! From the looks of the video, she's in a studio listening to a new track, as artists do, before it's mastered and set to "wax". Once you read the caption, if you're a fan, then your wildest dreams have come true! Yup, she's cooking up something in the kitchen and it drops tomorrow (6/1/17)!

Recently, she's been accused of not writing her own rhymes but the snippet heard in the video, sounds like something someone who doesn't write on the regular would pen. The beat is pretty good but I promise the whole video made me wonder if there are actually other words that could possibly rhyme with China. . . other than vagina. Help us Lord. Take a listen to the snippet below and post your thoughts in the comments!

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