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10-Year-Old Shoots His Mother in the Face, Killing Her, Because She Wouldn't Get Him a VR Headset.

A 10-year-old boy has been arrested and will be charged as an adult after shooting and killing his mother.

Reports say that 44-year-old Quiana Mann was killed by her son. The child initially gave responding police a conflicting story when they arrived on the scene Monday November 21 just after 7a.m.

According to the criminal complaint, when the boy was first interviewed he said he was twirling the gun around his finger and it "accidentally went off." After killing his mom, the boy woke up his sister who then found their mother dead and called 911.

The story gets even worse.

After the killing, the boy, due to his age, was released to stay with family members pending charges. It was those same family members who raised the alarm that there the boy may have killed his mother intentionally.

The complaint says the boy's 26-year-old sister told detectives he has had "rage issues" all of his life and "five different imaginary people that talk to him."

A therapist previously gave the boy a "concerning diagnosis" and the mother had placed cameras inside the home to watch him, according to the complaint. Two weeks prior to the woman's murder, "someone had unplugged these cameras."

The sister also told detectives she learned that the morning after their mother's death, the boy logged onto their mother's Amazon account and ordered an Oculus Virtual Reality Headset.

The complaint says a family member also alleged that the boy would pick their puppy up by the tail and "swing the puppy around until it whined and howled in pain." This occurred when the boy was allegedly four-years-old.

An aunt told detectives that the boy never cried or showed remorse following his mother's death. The complaint alleges the 10-year-old told his aunt that he was "actually aiming the gun at his mother." The day after his mother's death, the aunt said he apologized for killing his mom and then asked if his Amazon package arrived.

The family then took the boy to the police station for additional questioning and that's when he told a different story. The boy allegedly admitted he retrieved the gun because he was mad at her for waking him up early and not letting him get something on Amazon. He told detectives his mom walked in front of him when he tried to shoot the wall to "scare her." The complaint also says he admitted to getting his mother's keys for the gun lock box the night before.

The 10-year-old has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 60 years in prison.

He had his initial appearance in court on Friday and a cash bond of $50,000 was set. He will appear in court for a status hearing on Dec. 7. In the state of Wisconsin you can be charged as an adult if you are 17 years and older. To charge someone younger than 17 like this 10-year-old is especially rare.

It's clear that this child needed mental health help and that his mother had been aware of it and was getting help for him. Our condolences to this family and community.

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