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Young Children Found Walking Alone Lead Police to Their Bloodied Mom Saying Their "Mommy Was Dead"!

Earlier this morning San Antonio, Texas police were alerted to three small children wandering in the dark.

The incident started around 3:30 a.m. Tuesday when three children, ages 4, 5, and 8, were found walking alone near the Chevron gas station on E. Houston Street near Interstate 10.

The children told police that they thought "mommy was dead." When police arrived at the Antioch Village Apartments on Upland Road, they found the woman bleeding heavily in a bathtub with several puncture wounds to her legs and stomach.

Officers called in EMS who provided life saving measures to the woman who was suffering from severe blood loss. She was then transported to an area hospital and listed as being in critical condition.

Authorities have not yet said if the wounds were self inflicted or not but they have said that, at one point, the woman's boyfriend was at the home. He was not there when they arrived and they have yet to locate him.

Due to the nature of the incident the victim, and her children, have not been identified and no further information has been made available to the public regarding her condition.

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