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Woman Shot and Killed by Flint Police Officer Identified as Being Only 19-Years-Old.

A 19-year-old woman was reportedly shot and killed by a Flint, Michigan police officer on Juneteenth during a parade.

Reports say that the young woman and a police officer engaged in a "brief shootout" in front of a city gas station.

According to Michigan State Police, the police officer was directing traffic at a parade traffic point when the woman drove up and started shooting at him. Police said the officer returned fire, striking the woman.

She was transported to a hospital, where she died from her injuries. The officer was unharmed. The authorities are not yet releasing her name to the public.

Many are speculating what caused the woman to begin shooting but, at this time, no motive has been determined.

The area was heavily populated as the city was celebrating Juneteenth, a new federal holiday that has been celebrated for years as the "Freedom Day" for African Americans who were enslaved.


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