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Two Children Abducted at Gunpoint in New York Found Unharmed a Thousand Miles Away in Alabama!

Two siblings abducted by masked gunmen near Rochester, New York were found unharmed a thousand miles away in Alabama. Dimitri Cash Jr., 5, and his sister Shekeria Cash, 3, were were abducted this past Monday around 8:40 p.m. from their foster parent's home on English Road in Greece.

According to an account given to the Democrat & Chronicle: The foster mother was downstairs inside her two-story English Road home around 8:40 p.m., Monday, when two masked men broke into the home and screamed after "hearing a crashing sound" and seeing two men entering the home, according to police accounts of the events.

Two of the seven children at the home came downstairs to check on her. She "wrapped the two children up in her arms" and all three were forcibly bound together by duct tape by the intruders. Duct tape was also placed over the woman's mouth, to prevent her from screaming.

The assailants then went upstairs and forcibly removed the Cash children from the home. The men fled the scene with the children in the homeowner's van. The van was abandoned at an apartment complex on Whitehall Drive in Greece, less than a mile from the home.

When the brother and sister were found they were hiding under a blanket on the floor in the back of a rental car being driven by an unidentified woman, just outside of Montgomery, Alabama.

The car had been rented in the Rochester area and driven to Alabama, according to Greece Police Chief Andrew Forsythe.

Within 40 minutes of finding the address in Alabama, a surveillance detail was set up on a house. A woman drove from the house in the rental car just before 5:50 p.m. Wednesday and was pulled over, Forsythe said.

The woman has not yet been charged and Forsythe said the two people who kidnapped the kids have not yet been arrested. He declined to identify the woman or anyone else they suspect was involved in the kidnapping.

Forsythe also said that while police have spoken to Dimitri Cash Sr., the father of the two kids, they’re still unsure where he is. The police chief stopped short of calling Cash a suspect but said they’d like to talk to him. Cash had previously been arrested for forcibly taking Dimitri Jr. from his elementary school last January, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

Ultimately, police aren’t sure yet whether those arrested will face state or federal charges, Forsythe said. Police are currently consulting with Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of New York.

“The bottomline: These kids are safe,” said Charles Salina, the U.S. Marshal for the Western District of New York.

This sounds like a classic case of "I stole my kids" if you ask us. We don't know why the children were placed in foster care but, we do know that there are better, LEGAL, ways of obtaining custody of your children. Court records show that Cash Sr. has been attempting to gain custody of his children for about three years. They have been in the custody of these particular foster parents for two years.

Cash claimed that his children were wrongly taken from his care based on false accusations of abuse and neglect, according to the petition. In an online fundraiser posted last month, Cash also alleged that his children are being mistreated while in foster care. He also shared a photo of his son with a healing scrape on his face.

Also, according to Cash Sr.'s fundraiser, his son has had a "continuous cold while his younger daughter has been left in dirty diapers and suffered countless severe vaginal rashes causing her to be in tears at every visit."

The fundraiser said that the $10,000 that they hope to raise will "allow for father Dimitri to bring awareness to this case through press releases, Pro Se Litigation, Law Education Assistance and promoting petitions for the return of his children home from foster care. These funds will also allow for Dimitri to fight for our Constitutional Rights within this case because so many of u have been victims of bias and prejudice in the courtroom at the hands of judges whom abuse the law. Helping one of us, SAVES ALL OF US!"

So far, the fundraiser has raised $405 of its $10,000 goal. Somehow, we believe, that there is STILL more to this story.


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