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Trash A$$ Enabling Teacher Wife Films Her Husband Molesting a Young Child at a Pool!

An Oklahoma teacher has been arrested after she allegedly filmed her husband molesting a child. Earlier news reports say that the FBI arrested Heather Bycroft Wednesday. Investigators said they have video evidence that shows Heather and her husband Jason Bycroft making several pornographic videos. Some of them involve children just six years old.

The investigation into Heather and Jason started when a Broken Arrow Police Detective got a tip that there was child porn on Jason's Dropbox account.

The arrest affidavit states once the officers got a search warrant for the account, they found multiple videos of children performing sex acts.

The affidavit focuses on a series of videos from the fourth of July in 2015.

Investigators say the videos show Jason holding up a six-year-old girl in the pool, repeatedly trying to expose her to Heather's camera as she zoomed in.

“The manipulation of the juvenile’s shorts is overt, intentional, and not an accident," the FBI said. "This is evidenced by the defendant attempting to capture this numerous times over the three videos.”

The FBI determined that Heather Bycroft was the camera operator after recognizing her voice as she operated the camera. In other videos agents say that they were able to see Heather's face as she recorded other, voyeuristic, videos for her husband. May of the videos were taken in a public space where she angled her camera to film upwards and under women's skirts and dresses.

A statement released by the Bixby Public Schools Superintendent said in part "While it appears that all of these offenses occurred at least five years before Ms. Bycroft was hired in Bixby, it is highly disturbing to me that we had a teacher who could be capable of such egregious behavior in one of our classrooms. At the same time, we have no reason to believe that Ms. Bycroft engaged in any illegal or inappropriate acts with any current or former BPS student. "

The problem with all of this is that it's terrifying for parents. You trust that the school system is properly vetting their employees, and most of them do but, there's always a few that slip through the cracks because they haven't been caught YET!

To add further insult to this case, Jason Bycroft was already in hot water over a 2016 case where he allegedly raped a Native American girl. District Attorney Jack Thorp told KJRH that they had filed first-degree rape charges against Jason Bycroft in 2016 in Cherokee County. The victim in that case was reportedly related to Heather Bycroft — who allegedly was in the residence at the time of the alleged incident.

Heather wasn't formally charged due to lack of evidence for that case. Thorp mentioned that they can prosecute Jason Bycroft in the Wagoner County case because he and the victim are not Native American. However, their office cannot prosecute Heather Bycoft because she is Native American.

Both Bycrofts have been charged with producing child pornography.


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