Tennessee Mother Arrested After Allegedly Biting a Child and Locking Others Outside.

Chatllise Turner was arrested January 27th for allegedly biting one of her children and then locking all of them outside in the cold.

The children told police that their mother called them downstairs and when they got there she, unprovoked, punched one of her daughters in the stomach several times. She then bit the girl on the shoulder and punched her again. Before the attack was over, Turner bit the girl again. When the children went fleeing from their mother's rage, with no shoes or coats, outside, Turner locked the door.

Turner's children wandered the neighborhood looking for help until a compassionate neighbor took them in and called police.

The police say that Turner was heavily intoxicated when they went to the home to take her into custody. There is no word on the whereabouts of Turner's children.

Turner was arrested and booked into the Metro Jail on child abuse charges. She is being held on a $10,000 bond.

I don't care how drunk you get, you should never harm your, or anyone else's, children.


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