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Suspect Arrested in South Carolina in Connection to the Georgia Dismemberment Case!

The suspect in a murder case in Devereux, Georgia has been arrested in South Carolina.

On Saturday, the GBI obtained an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Christopher Demmon. He is charged with malice murder in connection to the death, according to a GBI press release.

Demmon was arrested in AIken County, South Carolina without incident.

Reports say that Demmon lived at the Main Street home "on occasion" in Devereux where the body was found. Another person did live there with Demmon but authorities have not said whether the victim is the same person.

Hancock County officials still have not positively identified the victim. Demmon, currently still being held in Aiken County, will be extradited to Hancock County soon to face his charges.

Demmon isn't a stranger to law enforcement. He was formerly charged int he state of Florida for a wide range of offenses including fraud, grand theft of a firearm and grand theft of a vehicle.

He served five years for these crimes, only being released in November of 2020. We're glad this man is off the streets!

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