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"Sometimes We F*ck Around and Find Out" LeVar Burton Ethers Journalist Stephen Battaglio with Grace!

The only way you wouldn't know that the entire African American community was pulling for former Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton to be the next host of Jeopardy would be if you had taken a trip to space and skipped the last year.

Not only did we want Burton to get the position, we made sure that the week of Jeopardy that he guest hosted was promoted more than we promote any other celebrity ventures. Needles to say, we were all let down when Burton was passed over for the position. It was a breath of fresh air to see our childhood favorite hosting the show that promoted knowledge on a more adult level but, the slight stung.

With grace, Burton accepted the rejection and, moved on. That was until Stephen Battaglio, the business editor of TV Guide Magazine, decided to take a few shots.

It started when Battaglio posted an article, originally published by Variety, that stated Burton wasn't interested in the Jeopardy hosting position any more. Battaglio tweeted that if Burton was offered "he would take it in a heartbeat" implying that Burton was desparate.

Get into the exchange below.

Burton concluded the exchange with a retweet and an appropriate sentence,

Whew Lord! Folks gon' learn to stop trying these celebrities! They are real people with real feelings!

We're looking forward to what's next for LeVar Burton. May his hands prosper always!

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