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Seahawks' Chad Wheeler Allegedly Strangled and Beat His Girlfriend to a Bloody Pulp.

Seattle Seahawks football player Chad Wheeler is in hot water after allegedly beating his girlfriend and choking her until she was unconscious.

According to reports obtained by The Seattle Times, a woman called 911 following a "physical fight" with her boyfriend and said that she was being "killed." The victim had managed to get away from Wheeler and locked herself in the bathroom to call for help. The report noted that the alleged victim was bleeding and suffered a dislocated arm when police arrived before being taken to the local hospital to treat injuries.

He allegedly strangled his girlfriend to the point at which he seemed to think he had killed her. When she regained consciousness, Wheelers allegedly said, “Wow, you’re alive?”

Sources say that Wheeler, who isn't a starting player for the Seahawks, allegedly beat his girlfriend because she wouldn't "bow down" to him. When she refused, he forced her onto the bed and began beating her.

It is noted in the police report that Wheeler is 6 feet 7 and 310 pounds, and the victim is 5-9 and 145 pounds. According to the report, Wheeler had been on medication for bi-polar disorder but had not taken it of late.

Court records show Wheeler was booked into the King County Correctional Facility in Seattle at 1:19 a.m. Saturday.

Wheeler has been released on $400,000 bond after being arrested and details for suspicion of felony domestic violence.

In a statement Monday night, the Seahawks said, “We are aware of the situation and still gathering information.”

As far as we're concerned, what more information could the Seahawks be gathering? There is clear evidence that this woman couldn't have done this type of damage to herself. This isn't even the first incident of violence involving Wheeler. Records show that in December 2015 he had a violent altercation with police. Wheeler was not arrested but reportedly threatened a teammate, punched the walls and windows of an apartment, got into an altercation with police and then was taken to a Los Angeles hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

An NBC News report alleged Wheeler was “possibly under the influence of drugs or alcohol” and did not recognize a fellow offensive lineman, so he threatened him. That prompted his outburst, a call to police, and then officers firing beanbag rounds at a fleeing Wheeler to subdue him, according to the report.

Wheeler apologized for the incident in a 2016 press conference where he was questioned about his past "outbursts".

This doesn't look like "outbursts". This looks like a man who can't control his temper and needs both help and jail time.


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