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S.C. Woman, Hoarding Fuel, Has Her Car Catch Fire While Fleeing From Police!

A South Carolina woman almost met her maker after the car she was hoarding fuel in exploded! If you're unaware, right now the United States is going through a pretty rough patch after the Colonial Pipeline, which transfers gas throughout parts of the country, was the victim of a cyber attack. Hackers attacked the system, shutting it down briefly, which caused the gas supply to certain states to run short. This shortage led people to "panic buy" and hoard fuel.

People were literally filling up everything from plastic totes, grocery bags along with gallon gas containers to make sure they had enough fuel for their vehicles for an indefinite amount of time. This panic buying made things worse and this is where the decision to hoard almost landed one woman at Heaven's gates.

Police reports say that there was an attempt to pull over a car being driven by 28-year-old Jessica Dale Patterson, on May 13, 2021, because the license plates were reported stolen. As officers followed the vehicle they noticed that the female driver began acting erratic and sped up when they turned their lights on.

Greenville Online reports that Patterson quickly crashed and flipped the vehicle, catching fire and causing several explosions, according to a statement from the Sheriff's Office.

The driver, identified by the Sheriff's Office as 28-year-old Jessica Dale Patterson, was on fire and a deputy pushed her to the ground to put out flames, according to the statement.

Patterson allegedly told deputies that she was transporting several containers of fuel in her trunk, the statement said. The containers exploded in the wreck and fire.

Patterson was transported to a local hospital for medical treatment but her condition, at this time, has not been made public. Any charges against Patterson are still pending.

This fuel shortage has caused people to do some crazy things!

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