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Randy Gonzalez, One Half of the Viral Father-Son Duo "Enky Boys", Has Died.

Nearly one year after we first reported that Randy Gonzalez was diagnosed with cancer, the father and sketch comedian has died.

Gonzalez and his son, Brice, rose to internet fame during the pandemic when they started making TIkTok videos. With Brice's natural acting ability and Randy's knack for comedy, the pair were viral in hours,

To say that these two have been a highlight during some of the nation's darkest days is an understatement. They captured the attention of the country on Good Morning America and they've even been highlighted in multiple media outlets like BuzzFeed and Yahoo Lifestyle.

Take a look at their most viral video.

In April of 2022, Randy made a video for their fans announcing that he had received a diagnosis of stage four colon cancer. To make matters worse, his health insurance wasn't going to pay for his chemotherapy.

"I was shocked," Gonzalez said. "...They said my medical expenses are going to be over $150,000 to $200,000 just to get my chemo."

After many trials, Randy was able to get his treatment and had hoped to fully recover, posting inspirational videos for their fanbase whenever he had the energy to do so.

Randy became a champion and spokesperson for colon cancer, urging all of their fans to get tested to make sure that they were all healthy. His initial GoFundMe campaign was converted to collect donations for colon cancer research and screenings for those in need.

Now, according to reports, his battle with cancer is over.

TMZ first reported his passing saying that "Randy passed Wednesday morning in hospice" according to their insiders.

As of yet, the family has not released a statement.

Brice will continue to carry on his father's legacy of laughs with his role as "Chance" on NBC's "Lopez vs Lopez".

Randy Gonzalez leaves behind a wife and three children. He was only 35.


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