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Ohio Man Accused of Beating His Elderly Mother to Death Before Jumping Off of a Bridge.

A 61-year-old Ohio man has been arrested and charged after allegedly beating his own mother to death.

According to WCHSTV, Michael R. Smith, of New Boston, Ohio, is charged with murder after his mother was found severely beaten in a car Saturday in Scioto County, according to a news release from the Portsmouth Police Department. She later died at a hospital.

Police were originally called to the scene just after 1a.m. when Smith had reportedly jumped from an area bridge and into the Ohio River.

While being treated at an area hospital, police said Smith made statements that his mother was in a vehicle at a Kroger parking lot and was “in bad shape.”

Authorities returned to the scene and found an elderly woman, later identified as Carol Sue Swymn, 85, stuffed in the front floorboard of the vehicle and injured from an apparent assault, the news release said. She was flown to a Huntington hospital where she died the next day.

Smith was treated at the hospital for his injuries sustained after his jump then, released into police custody.

He is currently being held in Franklin County Jail waiting to be transferred back to Scioto County.

At this moment, there has been no motive given for Swymn's murder and no reports on Smith's mental health, criminal background or any argument that could have led to him killing his own mother.


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