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NeNe Leakes, Melyssa Ford, Kym Johnson Herjavec and Denise Richards Star in New Lifetime Movie "Hunting Housewives".

Imagine you've got a rich husband, you live a pampered life and you have the world at your fingertips. Now imagine that everything was stripped away from you and you have to literally fight for survival. That's exactly what happens to four housewives in the new Lifetime movie "Hunting Housewives"!

In Hunting Housewives, four friends Karla Dodds (Denise Richards), Rebel Carron-Whitman (NeNe Leakes), Joli Symons (Kym Johnson Herjavec) and Sharell Bouvier (Melyssa Ford) head for a much-needed spa retreat weekend away from their husbands, children and busy schedules when suddenly they find themselves downed in a plane crash. With no knowledge of basic survival, the housewives must use their wits and whatever is in their designer bags to try to survive in the rugged wilds. When they realize they are not alone, even frenemies must align to outwit their hunters.

Hunting Housewives is produced by Brain Power Studio in association with Nicely Entertainment for Lifetime. Beth Stevenson, Nancy Yeaman, Stan Hum and Vanessa Shapiro executive produce. Paula Tiberius wrote the script and Marco Deufemia directs.

The lengths the rich will go to in order to end a marriage and not lose money is WILD! "Hunting Housewives" will premiere on Lifetime March 9, 2024 at 8pm EST! We'll be watching!


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