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N.C. Man Dismembers Woman's Body Then Leaves Her Rotting Corpse in Stranger's Driveway!

A Goldsboro, North Carolina man is in jail today after authorities say the believe he murdered a woman a left her rotting corpse in a driveway.

On Monday May 23, 2021 a Wayne County man called 911 in the early morning to report the horrific scene in his driveway.

"I just pulled up to my house. It looks like there is a rotting corpse on my driveway," Rodney Daniels told dispatchers. He said the person was decapitated with numerous other body parts missing.

"Nobody should have to see that," Daniels said of his discovery.

Daniels says detectives searched his home, in the 300 block of Bright Street near downtown Goldsboro, and his car, and they spent about eight hours taking pictures and collecting evidence.

According to WRAL the State Bureau of Investigation joined the case on Thursday and that's when they started releasing small details to the public.

Investigators told the public that the victim was a Caucasian female , in her 30's, but hesitated to release more information about the case even though they suspect they know her identity. They did, however, release a photo of the vehicle they felt was involved in connection to the case. That vehicle led them straight to their suspect.

The car, a Cadillac sedan, was taken by police late Thursday evening and its owner came in to the police department to retrieve it.

Goldsboro police say that they have enough evidence to charge Willie Lee Langston, 29, of La Grange, with murder in the investigation and additional charges could be pending.

Langston is being held in the Waynes County Jail without bond.

We're glad that this man is off of the streets.


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