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Haunted House Actor Takes Getting into Character Too Far, Stabs Little Boy's Foot with REAL Knife!

If there's one thing we don't play with, it's haunted houses. Yes, we know it's only make-believe and the zombies and monsters are really just people in phenomenal cosplay but, still, it's a hard no thanks!

One little Ohio boy now has a reason to be afraid of haunted houses. He got stabbed by an actor!

The incident took place at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds shortly after 8pm last night.

As with almost every other haunted house, the show really begins BEFORE you step foot inside of the actual structure.

Reports say that the 11-year-old boy arrived at the haunted house and was approached by one of the actors who was carrying a large bowie knife. The police report said the 22-year-old man scraped the knife along the ground in the front of the group and then stabbed at the ground near the boy’s feet.


The knife went through the child’s Croc-style shoe and cut his toe. Staff and officers treated his injury. He put his shoe back on and insisted on finishing the haunted house.

Police said the actor admitted using the knife was a bad idea. He said he didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

Officers confiscated the knife and the boy’s mother requested no criminal charges.

This child's mother is a good sport because listen. . . it COULD NOT have been us! NOT. AT. ALL.

After this, we think haunted houses need to make sure that the weapons their actors use are fake. Period!

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