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BOUNCE Set to Premiere Hilarious Original Comedy "Mind Your Business" Starring Drew Sidora, Columbus Short, Rolonda Watts, Brely Evans and BeBe Winans!

What do you get when you mix a former television show host, veteran actors, witty kids and a gospel legend? You get a big dose of "Mind Your Business" that's what you get!

BounceTV is the new home of the comedic series produced by Harvest Studios and executive produced by Bentley Evans ("Martin," "The Jamie Foxx Show.”) "Mind Your Business" stars Columbus Short ("Scandal", "Stomp the Yard"), Drew Sidora ("CRAZYSEXYCOOL: The TLC Story"), Rolanda Watts ("The Rolonda Watts Show", "Criminal Minds"), Brely Evans ("The Neighborhood", "The Family Business") and gospel star BeBe Winans. All of these greats, along with Caryn Ward Ross ("Jane the Virgin"), Bryce Xavier and Chloe Elise Ellis, are a part of the hilarious Williams family. An eclectic family full of wisdom, love and of course, the occasional mishap. Well, let's make that a series of unfortunate events!

Check out the show's synopsis:

Like a lot of small businesses, Lucille Williams’ (Watts) once-prospering 30s-and-older lounge, Lucille's Place, took a huge hit, forcing her to sell. Lucille's baby brother, Henry Williams (Winans), couldn't stand by and let Lucille's Place slip away, so he recruited his fraternal twins, Aaliyah (Sidora) and Alfonso (Short), to keep the business in the family. With Aaliyah's creative sensibilities and Alfonso's business mind, a safe space for planning and hosting events was born. Alfonso's wife, Kimberly (Ward Ross), and son, Alfonso Jr. (A.J.), join the event planning team. Even Aaliyah has one of their chosen family members, Mia (Evans), join the team; she is a jack of all trades – so she thinks. Although the new-and-improved “Lucille’s” brings everyone together, their affairs end up causing a mess bigger than a college frat party.

Here's what Watts had to say about this new role.

We've seen the first two episodes of the series and we have to say, this is the type of comedy series that we haven't seen since the days of "Fresh Prince" and "The Cosby Show".

You'll get your chance to see this hit comedy in the making on Saturday June 1, 2024, 8pm EST, only on Bounce!


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