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ALLBLK Releases Trailer for Season Two of Powerful Makeover Docuseries 'My Mane Problem' with Celebrity Hair Guru Dr. Boogie.

Today, ALLBLK, the popular streaming service for Black television from AMC Networks, released an all-new trailer for Season two of My Mane Problem. All new episodes of the powerful makeover docuseries premiere Thursday, April 25, exclusively on ALLBLK.

A bad hairstyle can look, feel and be life-ruining, but celebrity stylist Dr. Boogie is back giving renewed hope and self-confidence to real people confronting very personal hair journeys. Season two features even more inspiring transformations, as the industry vet rescues clients struggling with deeply affecting hair trauma. These eight new, half-hour episodes chronicle real people confronting challenges such as chemical burns, traction alopecia, balding due to extensions and wigs, and much more. From empowering individuals to embrace their natural hair to restoring confidence in those struggling with hair-related trauma, every episode promises to be a testament to the transformative power of self-love and acceptance.

Dr. Boogie first gained national attention with his performance on season one of Shear Genius. Since then, Boogie has been the go-to-hair ‘doctah’ in Hollywood for several decades now, but Dr. Boogie is more than a trendsetting stylist to the stars. Dating back to when he was a teenager soothing his mother by combing her hair, in many ways, his true calling is helping women and men regain their confidence, and life, by transforming their relationship with their hair.

My Mane Problem is Executive Produced by Dr. Boogie, alongside John Irwin (Deon Cole: Cole Hearted) and Andrew Sheer for Irwin Entertainment, with Casey Spira co-executive producing. Brett Dismuke, Angela Molloy, Nikki Love, LeAnn Scrimmager and Sean Charles serve as Executive Producers for ALLBLK.

This show is always a good time!


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