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29-Year-Old Attacks Parents When They Tell Him to Stop Gaming. Fatally Wounding One.

A 29-year-old Michigan man allegedly attacked his parents after they asked him to stop playing video games so that they could go to sleep.

In the incident that occurred on December 11 Christopher McKinney's 66-year-old mother and 71-year-old stepfather asked him to turn off his games so that they could turn in for the night. McKinney allegedly got angry and punched his mother in the face three times, breaking her nose. McKinney then turned his rage toward his stepfather hitting him multiple times as well.

In order to defend himself the older man went to the kitchen to get a knife apparently to threaten McKinney. gained control over the knife then began using it to stab both his mother and his stepfather.

Neighbors heard the melee and called for emergency assistance. Those same neighbors say that they saw McKinney laying on the floor in the hallway "covered in blood"

Madison Heights Police Chief Corey Haines told area news outlets that there was "blood everywhere -- all over the walls, the ceilings, the hallway."

McKinney also assaulted a fire and rescue worker who was trying to administer first aid to him. He was originally charged with assault with intent to murder and resisting arrest but those charges may be upgraded because his stepfather died four days after the attack.

McKinney is being held on $510,000 bond at the Oakland County Jail.

This world is absolutely crazy!


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