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Woman Admits She Knew "Something Was Wrong Right From the Start" with Boyfriend's Dead

A Clearwater, Florida woman who's been accused of child neglect in the death of her boyfriend's son admits she knew something was "wrong".

We reported yesterday that Shantay Belcher, 33, had waited 12 hours to call for help when her boyfriend's son fell unresponsive. Now, more details have surfaced that make the case against Belcher even more solid.

Clearwater authorities say that Belcher came upon 7-year-old Kyrie Gordon on the floor in his bedroom around 8:30pm on Saturday evening. She says that he was unresponsive and "gasping for air". Belcher then, with the help of her 10-year-old son, carried Gordon into the bathroom and placed him in a tub of cold water.

Belcher allegedly left Gordon in the tub overnight, while his father was working, checking on him periodically.

It wasn't until Gordon's father came home that Belcher called 911 for help.

Gordon was rushed to Morton Plant Hospital shortly before 9am Sunday morning where he was later pronounced dead.

Belcher was arrested Sunday night and charged with child neglect. Her charges may be upgraded at a later time. Police say she admitted she knew "something was wrong right from the start and she should have called 911."

At this moment, no one knows just why Belcher didn't call for help. The Clearwater Police Department and the Department of Children's Services are investigating this case.

New details are emerging from this case daily. Check back often for updates.


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