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Quawan "Bobby" Charles' Death Now Being Investigated as a Homicide.

Iberia Parrish Police in Louisiana are now changing their tune in the case of a missing teen who was found dead.

As we previously reported, 15-year-old Quawan "Bobby" Charles left his father's home on Friday October 30 with his 17-year-old friend Gavin Irvin and Gavin's mother Janet Irvin. Charles hadn't gotten permission to leave the house from his father, who was running an errand at a store, or his mother. In fact, Charles' parents say they didn't even know the Irvins.

When his parents attempts to reach Charles by phone went unanswered his parents, Kenneth Jacko and Roxanne Nelson went to the police. The pair pleaded with the authorities to send out an Amber Alert for their son but, the police said that Charles was probably attending the local football game and would be home soon.

Their son never returned home.

On November 3 Charles' body was found in a creek that runs through a sugar cane field. Initial reports said that he'd drowned but, when his parents went to identify his body, they were met with a gruesome display. Their son was missing parts of his face and he had sustained serious injury to his head.

After pressuring the local police to question the Irvin family for answers, Iberia police did go and search a trailer home belonging to the Irvin's. When questioned, Gavin Irvin says that they were all in the hoe when "Bobby" suddenly "got up and said he was leaving." He asked where "Bobby" was going, "and after that, he disappeared". They claim to have found nothing and, within days the Irvin family was allowed to pack up and move. It is unclear if they moved voluntarily or if they were evicted from the premises.

There was also the mysterious phone conversation that implicated something odd about the Irvins.

Now, things are taking a more criminal, yet curious, turn.

According to WAFB "Video shows no one was with 15-year-old Quawan Charles around the time of his death, deputies in the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office reported Saturday, Nov. 14.

The sheriff’s office said the video recorded Charles near the area. No one is recorded before or after he is seen on video “for some time,” the sheriff’s office said.

Still, a statement issued on behalf of Sheriff Tommy Romero confirmed Charles' death is being investigated as a homicide."

There is no word on why they have made the decision to investigate Charles' death as a homicide but, we believe that they have enough evidence or cause to do so.

Charles' family has requested an independent autopsy for their son to help determine the real cause of his death. If you would like to help them in their endeavors you can do so by donating to their GoFundMe (Warning Graphic Photo).

A full autopsy with toxicology reports has been ordered by the sheriff’s office. Results are expected to come back in several weeks.

We're praying that the truth comes out and that whoever is responsible for this child's death is held accountable.


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