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Getaway Van Driver Responsible for Cyclist's Death Finally Captured!

Just two days after we reported the horrible story of a disgusting fatal prank, the person responsible has been captured.

On Sunday two people in a van drove up next to a woman riding a bike. The passenger of the van leaned out of the window and pushed the woman off of her bike. What the passenger didn't expect was that this heinous act wouldn't only kill the woman but, him too!


The Clark County Coroner identified the bicyclist killed in the attack as 56-year-old Michelle Marie Weissman. Her cause of death has not yet been released.

Weissman was wearing her helmet, police said.

“Senseless is an understatement,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Lt. Ray Spencer said of the attack on Sunday. “You have a woman who was out riding her bicycle and they pull up next to her and strike her, causing her to die. It’s an absolute senseless act. There’s no reason that I could tell you as to why it occurred other than complete stupidity.”

The van's passenger fell from the vehicle and died. Weissman was pronounced dead at the scene as well. The van's driver took off, leaving the two dead bodies in his wake. “The momentum of hitting the bicyclist caused [the minivan passenger] to fall out of the vehicle. … He traveled along the asphalt for about 150 feet, striking his head on a streetlight,” Lt. Spencer said.

Las Vegas police sought the public's help for clues which lead them to find the van's driver. 22-year-old Rodrigo Cruz, was arrested and faces an open murder charge, failure to stop at the scene of an accident and a parole violation, according to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department booking logs.

Cruz was denied bail due to his parole violation and will remain in custody until his next hearing. He has two prior felony convictions.

This man deserves whatever punishment he gets!


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