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Manhunt on for Man Accused of Slitting His Pregnant Ex's Stomach!

A pregnant Florida woman was attacked and nearly killed over the weekend after witnesses say she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

Police officers were called to an area near where Northeast Escambia Street meets Northeast Calhoun Avenue in Lake City around 5pm. When they arrived they found a pregnant woman bleeding from her stomach.

According to reports, officers answering the call learned the victim and her ex-boyfriend, Dwight M. Williams Sr., were discussing an argument they had earlier Saturday when the victim approached Williams, who told her he was not someone to be “messed with,” police said. Witnesses told police things escalated when Williams drew a silver pocket knife and cut the victim across her stomach.

Witnesses said Williams drove away in a white, two-door Nissan.

The victim was treated by paramedics who were also called to the scene but declined to be transported to an area hospital. Her condition is presumed to be fair. No one has given a motive on why Williams assaulted his ex-girlfriend but, this is just one of many cases this year where pregnant women have been assaulted, and some killed, by their ex-boyfriends or the father of their unborn babies.

Ladies, we're begging you to be safe. If you know that your boyfriend, or your ex, is potentially violent, stay away from him. Move if you have to. Do whatever it takes to preserve your life and that of your children.

Anyone with tips on Williams' whereabouts is ask to call Lake City Police at 386-752-4343. If Williams is seen, police recommend that the public avoid approaching him and instead contact local law enforcement.


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