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Family of Black Man Found Hanging from a Tree in Florida Demand an Investigation. "My Son Didn&

The family of a Florida man found hanging over the weekend are demanding answers that, it seems, they are not going to get answered.

Nevan Baker, 22, was found dead Sunday about 3:45 a.m. in Barker Park, near Camping World Stadium and the Washington Shores neighborhood, hanging by a rope from a tree, according to OPD’s case report. The official cause of death has been ruled as a suicide but, his family doesn't believe it!

Baker's mother,Sharhonda James, says that this isn't the end of his case, "It's just the beginning" and she's vowing to seek real answers for what happened to her son.

“My son didn’t hang himself,” James said. “I know my child.” Coupled with the mother's intuition, there were some other key clues that Baker hadn't committed suicide. James said she noticed injuries, including swelling on his nose, bumps on his forehead and a misaligned jaw, when she saw his body in the morgue.

“We’re not going to let this go; the community is not going to let this go," James said. She said she has no reason to believe her son committed suicide.

The Orlando PD has said that they believe there's nothing further to investigate but, have not surrendered any crime scene photos to James like she has requested.

We don't know about you but we do know that Black people don't tend to hang themselves from trees. We have an ancestral aversion to it for obvious and historical reasons. We stand with Ms. James, seek out answers, look for nearby businesses who have surveillance cameras. If this was indeed a suicide, his family deserves to know. If not, then the responsible parties need to be brought to justice.

In today's climate, we're calling this HIGHLY suspicious at the least!


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