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Florida Parents Find Out a Louisiana Pedophile Had Been LIVING in their Daughter's Closet for a

This case has parents checking behind closed doors and some taking them off of the hinges altogether!

36-year-old Jonathan Rossmoine, a pedophile from Louisiana, met a young girl online and traveled across state lines to meet her. The girl, who originally said that she was 18, met Rossmoine on a virtual reality social platform, VRChat, a few years back. They struck up a friendship and when he came to visit, she snuck him into her bedroom at her parents house. When they met in person, the girl revealed to him that she wasn't 18 but indeed 15-years-old. The age difference didn't deter Rossmoine at all.

The two allegedly began a relationship with Rossmoine travelling back and forth between Louisiana and Florida on multiple occasions to have sex with the girl. Eventually, not wanting him to go home, to girl and Rossmoine decided that he would just stay in her room and hide in her closet when her parents came in.

That plan worked for a while. Until her parents heard noises coming from her room just a few days ago. According to Hernando County Sheriff's Office Detective Tom Cameron "They kept the bedroom door closed and locked and whenever someone came to the door it gave them an opportunity to run and hide in the closet and open up the door to where maybe she was changing or something."

There's no word on whether or not her father took a little bit of justice into his own hands but, from the looks of this mugshot, he must not have. We're not saying that violence is right but there's no way we're going to find a grown man hiding in a child's closet and we don't act. PERIOD. Knowing that this girl was able to get away with this behavior right under her parents noses is wild! After this, we know everybody is going to be checking their child's closets, under their beds and every other nook and cranny that a body can hide in!

Rossmoine was arrested and charged with four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior, and one count of traveling to meet a minor for sex purpose. He remains behind bars at the Hernando County jail on a $250,000 bond.

We hope he gets a lengthy sentence.


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