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Aht Aht Not So Fast! NEW Insider Claims "Sweetie Pie's" James "Tim" Norman A

We all know that there are three sides to any story. Your part, their part and the truth. Two weeks ago "Sweetie Pie's" restaurant co-owner James "Tim" Norman was ACCUSED of ALLEGEDLY hiring a hit man to kill his nephew Andre Montgomery in 2016.

Norman was arrested by the Feds on charges of murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud. Norman ALLEGEDLY obtained a life insurance policy for his teen nephew and then conspired to have him murdered to collect on the policy.

Just a few days ago a source close to the family expressed concerns that "Tim" may have been planning to do the same thing to his mother as well. The unidentified source said that there was a $1 million life insurance policy on Norman's mother, Miss Robbie Montgomery, that would have gone to him in the event that something happened to her. The source feared that Miss Robbie could have been next on Tim's list.

Listen, we know how the life insurance business works. It would have been absolutely correct for Miss Robbie to have a million dollar policy for herself. She is a business owner and would have to make sure that all of her affairs, both business and personal, were taken care of in the event of her death. Norman, being her next-of-kin, would have been a plausible beneficiary. Thinking that he may have his own mother murdered for money. . . we really hope not but, some don't put it past him.

One new source reached out to us earlier today to refute the claims that Norman was capable of any of these allegations. The woman, who lives in St. Louis, says that she talks to "to Tim and Robbie everyday, and all this sh*t is a lie." She also said that the previous source, who reached out to All About the Tea, was "lying".

This woman went as far as sending us proof that she communicates with Norman via video chat and text messages while he's incarcerated.

When asked if she wanted to go on record to share her knowledge of the story the woman replied:

"I speak with him every day, and speak with Robbie every day, and things are not always what they seem, I promise you that."

She also said that "anyone can be charged with anything, you, me, anybody, that doesn’t mean that we are guilty, allow someone to go to court before deeming them a murder, are [or] actually knowing the story from the horse mouth."

Right now, the city of St. Louis is reaching out to the public trying to find anyone who may have witnessed Andre Montgomery's murder. KSDK reprts that "a spokesperson from the police department sent out a reminder that they’re still looking for suspects and witnesses in the case. Anyone with information is urged to call SLMPD’s homicide division directly at 314-444-5371 or anyone with a tip who wants to remain anonymous and is interested in a reward can contact CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477."

For now, Norman is still being held in the Madison County Detention Center in Canton, Mississippi awaiting extradition to St. Louis.

We hope you all are still praying for Miss Robbie and the rest of her family. This is too much!

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