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Unrestrained Toddler Dies After an Unreported Car Accident with His Babysitter.

Two-year-old Jeremiah Redmond was a fun and loving child. His father, Gerald Redmond, says that Jeremiah was his "joy". Redmond and Jeremiah's mother, Jessica Johnson, are now mourning the loss of their son, a twin, at the hands of a trusted babysitter.

On Saturday night Johnson dropped off her three children, a 7-year-old daughter and the two-year-old twins, Josiah and Jeremiah, to her babysitter. Early Sunday morning she got a call that no parent ever wants to answer.

During the night 7-year-old Jayla Redmond says that they were all in the car with the babysitter. Jayla told her father that there were not enough seat belts and that none of the children were in car seats.

"My daughter said there wasn't enough seat belts, so somebody was out of a seatbelt back there, and she hit a tree," Redmond said. "Instead of her calling 911, she called a tow truck."

"Redmond says the babysitter called someone to tow her car back to her home in Roseville. Jayla says Jeremiah was crying - and Jayla had a bruised and bloody face. You can still see her injuries.

"She got jarred around pretty bad," Redmond said. "She said the babysitter pulled a bag of frozen potatoes out and had her put that on her face and go to sleep."

Jayla used the frozen food as an icepack and the children went to bed. But in the morning Jeremiah didn't wake up.

"He should still be alive - he had a chance," Johnson said. "He was still alive after the accident took place."

Roseville police say they were called to the babysitter's home Sunday morning for an unresponsive child. They are working with another jurisdiction to determine exactly where the accident happened and waiting on autopsy results to determine how Jeremiah died."

Understandably, Redmond wants the unidentified 33-year-old sitter charged NOW! "Nine-one-one should have been called, the tow truck driver when he arrived there, he shouldn't have moved that vehicle," Redmond said. Then my son has to die because someone that night was hiding something."

We wish we could say this was the sitter's first driving offense but it wasn't. Reports say that the woman has a history of driving citations including incidents where drugs and alcohol were involved. Her driver's license was just reinstated earlier this month.

This investigation is still in it's early stages but we hope and pray that these parents get justice for their son's death. Let this be a hard lesson for everyone that travels with any child improperly restrained or unrestrained in their care. It's not worth the loss of life or the potential legal problems. Children belong in carseats, booster seats or seat belts.


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