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Three Mothers Allegedly Sold Their Children to Ohio Pedophile for Drugs.

A federal grand jury indicted nine people on a slew of federal sex trafficking and obstruction charges related to an Ohio child sex trafficking ring that allegedly bartered illegal drugs to drug addicts in exchange for access to their children.

This "bartering" system has allegedly been in operation for DECADES!

The child sex trafficking ring investigation first grabbed headlines in March, when Larry Dean Porter, 69, of Wheelersburg, Ohio, and several others, including three local mothers, were arrested in connection with allegedly sexually molesting several children between the ages of 3 to 13 years old.

Among the nine people charged in connection with Larry Porter's alleged child sex trafficking ring were two of his daughters, Denna Sue Porter, 32, and Crystal D. Porter, 39.

Porter had been sexually abusing the children AND producing child pornography that he kept on flash drives. Porter was arrested in June and, while he was incarcerated, made several calls to relatives asking them to lie under oath. He also wrote at least three letters begging for them to conceal his operation.

At least three mothers have been charged after a lengthy investigation documented the women taking their children to Porters Wheelersburg residence. The women allegedly offered up multiple children to Porter in exchange for drugs and money. The women were named as: Magan Richmond, 32, of Portsmouth, Ohio; Tasha Stringer, 37, of Wheelersburg, and Kathryn McMullen, 36, of South Webster, Ohio.

Stringer (pictured right)

​​admitted to participating in at least one sex act with a minor child while at Porter's residence. Stringer, isn't just telling her dirty deeds though.

She was said to have claimed that Larry Porter asked her to recruit her friend, McMullen to 'bring her kids' over so they could be assaulted. Stringer allegedly said that she performed sex acts on McMullen's children.

The police incident report alleged that while at Larry Porter's home, McMullen also engaged in sexually abusing her own three-year-old daughter and her son, who was six or seven years old, or allegedly watched as they were being molested.

Stringer also allegedly told police that she had watched Larry Porter molesting Richmond's five-year-old, naked daughter, while the woman was there during a drug deal.

Of the nine people arrested in the sting, more than half were related in some way to Larry Porter. Joshua David Aldridge, 36, of South Webster, Ohio, allegedly transported minors to Porter's residence in exchange for drugs. Ralph Albert Aldridge, Joshua's brother and Porter's son-in-law, of Columbus, was arrested.

His cousin, Erroll Wayne Porter, Sr.,(pictured left) 69, of Wheelersburg is a cousin of Porter's and was charged with trafficking.

This investigation has been going on for more than a year. According to reports, in early March 2020, a confidential source told detectives that Larry Porter had called her several years prior, offering her drugs in exchange for allowing her to 'babysit' her partner's two-year-old child.

The source said that Larry Porter used the term 'babysit' as a euphemism for the time he would spend with children, either sexually abusing them or taking sexually-explicit pictures of them.

Among the evidence presented in the unsealed affidavit were Facebook messages Larry Porter allegedly wrote to the mother of two girls, as well as to a third daughter of his.

'They good and h*rny?' Larry Porter allegedly wrote to the girls' mother in April 2019.

To his third daughter, who was not charged in the trafficking ring and was not named, he allegedly sent a picture of one of his underage victims calling the child 'my girlfriend' and asking his daughter not to 'show anyone ok.'

According to the Facebook message exchange, Larry Porter's third daughter wrote 'really,' to which he replied, 'isn’t she pretty.'

The daughter then allegedly blasted her father with the message: 'I told u not to talk to me about that s--- u realize ur granddaughter is probably the same age.

''lol, but she not my granddauther (sic). I couldn’t b with my own family,' Larry Porter allegedly replied.

'I know but she’s young dad s--- there’s still good looking ones that’s over 18,' the daughter supposedly wrote back.

The biggest question we have is why, on God's green earth, does it take so long to bust this kind of operation? For more than a year the feds had knowledge that children were being traded for drugs and the abuse continued. Some of the victims had been experiencing abuse at the hands of Porter for up to five years! We get the fact that they needed to collect their data but LISTEN, one instance of abuse is too many.

This whole thing is just sick!

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