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"We Have a Problem at Fort Hood" Deaths of Vanessa Guillen and Gregory Morales Possibly Linked.

It has been highly suspected, and now confirmed, that the deaths of two Foot Hood soldiers were linked. Vanessa Guillen went missing on April 22 and her remains were found 25 miles from Fort Hood near the Leon River. Oddly enough, the remains of another soldier had been found dead. Anyone with half of a brain cell could tell that the deaths had to be linked in some way.

Fort Hood soldier Gregory Morales was found dead on June 19 just weeks before the remains of Guillen were uncovered in a shallow grave in three different locations!

Morales had also gone missing from Fort Hood but, unlike Guillen's story, his is a little more odd. According to CrimeOnline Morales had been missing for nearly 10 months when he "was found in a field in Killeen, Texas, less than 10 miles from Fort Hood. His clothing was found shredded and scattered around the area."

While there has been an arrest made for the murder of Vanessa Guillen, no one has yet been named in the death of Gregory Morales even though they suspect foul play.

Although authorities said there is no connection between the two cases, Atlanta’s Cold Case Investigative Research Institute founder, Sheryl McCollum, disagrees.

“The Army said there’s no credible link between Vanessa and Mr. Morales, and I disagree. Number one, they’re from the same base, same rank. They were both listed as AWOL. They both left valuables behind like money and clothing. They were both ignored by the Army for months. They were both found murdered. They were both found in shallow graves.”

“They were both last seen on or near the base. The Army has had little contact with the families, won’t share anything. They both had cellphones stop immediately…Both bodies were in the same general area, near that river. Really? Seriously? We have a problem at Fort Hood.”

We do not think that the same people who are responsible for murdering Vanessa Guillen are responsible for the death of Gregory Morales BUT we do think there's a common thread of secrecy. Every organization seeks to protect their image and their own but, there comes a time when you have to do what is right for everyone involved. These two families deserve answers in the deaths of their loved ones.

Do you think this is the beginning of a conspiracy theory or, is there something more sinister at play? Sound off in the comments below.


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