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Actress Naya Rivera Missing, Presumed Dead, After Her Toddler was Found on a Boat Alone.

33-year-old actress Naya Rivera has been reported missing, and is presumed dead, after her 4-year-old son was found alone on a boat.

The alarm was raised after another boater noticed a pontoon drifting on a lake in Southern California with a small child asleep onboard.

About three hours before the child was found Rivera rented the pontoon and was seen getting on the boat with her little boy.

Officials say that the young boy told them that he and his mother had gone swimming but that his mother didn't get back in the boat. He is quoted as saying she "jumped in the water" but didn't come back. The child was wearing a life vest but the adult life vest was still on the boat.

While interviewing a child so young proved to be difficult, they did gather enough information to begin searching for Rivera using both helicopters and a diving team.

Rivera was most known for her role on the hit television show "Glee". She played Santana Lopez on the Fox show for six years from 2009, and appeared in nearly every episode of the musical-comedy-drama. She was also on the CBS sitcom "The Royal Family" and in the comedy film "The Master of Disguise."

Rivera had been linked romantically to rapper Big Sean and was married to actor Ryan Dorsey who is the father of her son.

This story is still developing.

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