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Houston Store Clerk Shoots and Kills Would-Be Robber Who Shot at Him First!

Last night, around 10pm, a man walked into a Houston convenience store and attempted to pass a fake $20 bill. Things went left when the store's clerk noticed that the money was fake and called the patron out on it. The 56-year-old suspect, whose name has not yet been released, made his way into the clerk’s secured area and a confrontation ensued.

The suspect fired at least one round at the clerk, missing the clerk by inches, before the clerk took action himself.

According to KHOU:

“' Luckily and fortunately for the convenience store clerk, he had a gun with him. He was able to return fire,' said Sgt. Horn with the Houston Police Department. 'The suspect or the robber collapsed here at the store. He was transported to the hospital where he died later.'

Police said the suspect was struck by gunfire multiple times. Investigators at the scene said the situation would be treated as a robbery."

The clerk, although shaken up, was not injured. It's been reported that the suspect had a criminal history and was on parole at the time for a similar crime from last summer.


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