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32 Bags of Weed Delivered to the WRONG Address!

There are times when you wish you'd get a delivery meant for someone else and then, there are times when you wish you hadn't. In this case, you can take your pick depending on which side of the leaf you fall on.

Residents of a Harris County, Texas home got a little 420 surprise when they opened a box delivered to their home. The folks who lived in a home on Clover Gardens Drive in northwest Houston came home to find a package on their doorstep.

When they opened it, they found 32 tightly sealed bags of marijuana!

The homeowners did the right thing and turned it over to the Harris County Police Department. The police reached out to the public and urged the owner to come "claim it" at the Sheriff's office. . . If you fall for that, I've got some premium land to sell you!

These people did a notable thing however, there are some of us who would have kept that kush and padded out bank accounts of bongs with it!

Would you have turned it in or kept it for yourself?


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