New Jersey Cop Charged with Assault for Pepper Spraying Men, Sitting on a Porch, who Didn't Tell

Nothing says "sign of the times" like getting assaulted while on your own property and minding your own damn business!

A New Jersey police officer has been charged with assault after he pepper sprayed a group of men who refused to identify themselves. Ryan Dubiel, 31, was caught in the act on his own bodycam spraying, cornering and chasing a group of young men who were on their own property.

The incident happened last week on June 4th when the police were called to a home by a concerned neighbor who thought the young men were trespassing and that the young men may have been smoking marijuana.

By the way, marijuana is legal in the state of New Jersey for of age adults up to an ounce in weight.

Back to the story. . .

The police approached the men saying that they got a call about marijuana and the men were adamant that they didn't have any.

One of the young men pulled out his phone and began texting. The officers inquired about what he was doing and he replied "texting my brother". The officers then told him not to to which, the other men said "his brother is his guardian!"

When Dubiel and his partner questioned the young men about their identity some of them refused to answer.

It was at that point that Dubiel pulled out his pepper spray canister and said 'You guys want to play games? You want to play games, huh?' and began to spray the men directly in their faces.

'We saw it over the internet and stuff. But we never thought it would happen to us,' said 16-year-old James Horn, one of the young men involved.

One of the young men ran away, and Dubiel chased after him, spraying as he went.

A woman standing nearby is heard saying: 'So this is what y’all do now to innocent people?'

Gurbir Grewal, the New Jersey attorney general, described the incident as 'appalling and completely unjustified.'

The prosecutor's office issued a statement saying the two people sprayed by Dubiel 'were not observed physically resisting or attempting to harm others or themselves.'

Jill Mayer, acting prosecutor, said: 'After careful review, it was clear Dubiel's actions are not consistent with the State of New Jersey use-of-force policy.'

Dubiel has been charged with two counts of simple assault and suspended without pay.

The two victims were cited for underage tobacco violations.

It has also emerged that Dubiel has worked for nine police departments - leading Grewal to demand a licensing system for all officers.

'Just as we license doctors, nurses, and lawyers, we must ensure that all officers meet baseline standards of professionalism,' he said.

Woodlynne Councilman Clyde Cook said Dubiel has been investigated for misconduct before.

'I question once again, our mayor, why would you put an officer, or allow an officer to be on the street, knowing he has two strikes against him against the general public?' he said.

For years the public has been begging for police officers disciplinary records to be made public for instances just like this one. This could have been much worse and we thank God that these young men are still alive.

DAILY new knowledge of OLD cases where police officers have covered up their wrongdoings are coming to light and not every one ends with the civilian keeping their life.

Ryan Dubiel needs to be off the streets and evidently behind bars!

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