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Former Beauty Pageant Queen Wife of Murdering Cop Derek Chauvin Once Wrote a Bad Check for $42.

Isn't it convenient how some people can extend grace to some while crucifying others?

The wife of muderer Derek Chauvin, and former Mrs. Minnesota, once wrote a bad check for $42. The very same type of offense that Chauvin killed George Floyd over except, her check was for a larger amount.

Police responded to a Cup Foods convenience store in Minneapolis Monday on reports that Floyd was attempting to use a fake $20 bill. He was taken into custody and somewhere between being pulled out of his car, handcuffed and being place in a cruiser, Floyd ended up on the ground. Chauvin was seen on camera with his knee in Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes.

His actions caused Floyd's death. No doubt about it. Chauvin was arrested today and charged with THIRD degree murder and manslaughter.

It's absolutely appalling that Chauvin, even while being recorded, disregarded Floyd's pleas for mercy and help. Even after Floyd began bleeding and lost consciousness, he never let up.

We wonder how he would have felt if someone would have done this same thing to his wife when she wrote her bad check!?

The DailyMail reports that Mrs. Kellie Chauvin wrote a bad check for $42 back in 2005 and, despite countless letters to her address, she hadn’t paid the owed money by July of that year, leading to a criminal complaint being filed against her.Kellie, who at the time was married to her late ex-husband Kujay Xiong, eventually paid the money and the case was dismissed.

Must be nice to be extended this type of mercy. . . this is something that many people of color in this country will never experience.

We, African Americans in this country, are often looked at as guilty, violent, aggressive and uncontrollable no matter what age we are. Even our toddlers are seen as more aggressive than others, don't debate me, I was an early childhood educator for nearly two decades and I saw the bias first hand.

It's a shame that we are born suspects, born "fitting the description", born guilty all because we are born to black and brown parents.

This country is going to have a day of reckoning and we pray it comes soon although it may not come peacefully.


It looks like Mrs. Chauvin wants to distance herself from her murderous husband. Since all hell broke loose Kellie Chauvin has allegedly filed for a dissolution of her marriage.

Some people are saying this statement isn't heart felt only because she asked for "safety and privacy". Is she asking for safety because the target is on her head too? We don't know but at this point, we'd be trying all the tricks of the trade too.

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