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Somebody Come Look at This! The Bad Girls Club of Youngstown Takes a Ride!

The pandemic can't stop a good party and that's exactly what happened last night in Youngstown, Ohio.

Meet The Bad Girls Club of Youngstown! A group of "ready to party" ladies met up outside a local club last night to take a ride on a party bus and turn up mid quarantine!

The group was looking to induct new members but first, they wanted to go and spread the spirit of fun, have a couple of drinks and, of course party. . . that IS the purpose of party buses right?

If you've got an hour or so to kill, take a look at this video. We'll warn you though, there's a LOT going on, some shaky camera footage, a few choice words and a couple of visible butt cheeks.

If the woman in the green jumpsuit looked familiar that's because she's a rapping hairstylist that goes by the name of Certified Notice. She's been in the hair and rap game for years!

After all of those festivities I had a few questions so, I decided to talk to the driver of the party bus who happens to be a personal friend. Take a listen.

We're all for good clean fun and it looks like these ladies were doing just that. With that said, we guess the state of Ohio is officially open!

Feel free to share your thoughts, and questions, in the comments below.

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