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Crazy Woman Shoots Teen McDonald's Workers Over Their Closed Dining Area!

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, has got folks out here acting a plumb fool!

32-year-old Gloricia Woody had a serious lapse of judgement and restraint when she got angry with teenage fast food workers and decided to shoot them!

According to Fox 6 Now:

"Woody entered the restaurant’s lobby and was told the dining room was closed for safety reasons, Oklahoma City Police Capt. Larry Withrow said.

“(Woody) was asked to leave but refused,” leading to a physical altercation between Woody and an 18-year-old female employee,” according to Withrow. “The suspect was forced out of the restaurant by employees. She reentered the restaurant with a handgun and fired approximately three rounds in the restaurant.”

A 16-year-old male employee was shot in the arm, another 16-year-old male suffered a shrapnel wound in the shoulder area and an 18-year-old male was struck in the side by shrapnel. The employee who fought with Woody suffered a head injury during the altercation, police said."

Woody was picked up shortly after the shooting and is facing four counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon. All of the employees are expected to make a full recovery.

This shooting comes just days after a Michigan security guard at a Family Dollar store was shot and killed after telling a customer she needed to wear a mask.

This global pandemic and the restrictions that it has brought is driving people insane. Today is the National Day of Prayer and this nation surely needs it!


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