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Sick and Twisted! Uncle Stabs His Niece After a Night of Binging on Drugs in Front of Her Daughter!

39-year-old Salah Hamlette was booked into a Florida jail on the charge of second degree murder for allegedly murdering his 34-year-old niece Porche Abraham in front of Abraham’s 4-year-old daughter.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

"Hamlette admitted to deputies that he stabbed Abraham repeatedly, but said it was in self-defense during a fight where Abraham had pointed a rifle at him, the report said. Abraham’s daughter, however, told investigators that her mom did first point a firearm at Hamlette, but then Hamlette threw her to the ground and stabbed her repeatedly in the chest and abdomen.

Detectives also determined that the rifle, which was found in a different room than Abraham’s body, “would have been very bloody if it had been in her possession or her proximity when she was stabbed,” but it only had a few blood smudges on it, the report said.

They also said it was unlikely that Abraham, who was much smaller than Hamlette, could have overpowered him — as Hamlette claimed during questioning.

Abraham was also found with a gunshot wound to the neck, but Hamlette denied shooting her and the child did not mention how that occurred, the report said."

The child said that she had been sleeping on the couch in the living room when she was awakened by the sound of the two arguing. She told authorities during her interview that she couldn't sleep “because mommy and uncle were fighting with their words and hands.”

Here's where things get even worse! Hamlette told deputies that he and Abraham had been in a sexual, incestuous relationship for years and, the night before her death, they were up all night consuming cocaine and ecstasy, the report said.

The couple began arguing during the night and that lead to a physical altercation. Hamlette said that Abraham pulled out a gun and began threatening to kill both of them.

"He told investigators he fired a different gun once or twice in self-defense, but did not hit her. Deputies found a hole through a bathroom wall that matched that part of his account, the report said.

At that point, just before 8 a.m. Monday, Hamlette took Abraham’s daughter to a neighbor’s house and asked them to call 911 because Abraham was armed and threatening to kill them, the report said. He then took the girl back to their home.

When deputies arrived, Hamlette came out of the home with bloodied hands and minor cuts. He told them Abraham was still armed inside the home, but deputies soon found her dead on the kitchen floor with “an extensive amount of blood saturating her shirt and coagulating under her body," the report said.

Deputies found a trail of blood from her body, to the living room, across a rifle on the ground, past a bloody kitchen knife and toward the front door, the report said. They found a handgun on a bed in one of the bedrooms and a revolver in the closet of another bedroom."

This is one sick and twisted story. As of now, there is no word on who has custody of Abraham's daughter but, we are praying for her as well as the rest of their family.

It really does seem as if COVID-19 has made people lose their minds.

In addition to the second-degree murder charge, Hamlette has also been charged with child abuse for exposing the victim’s daughter to violence leading to murder. He's being held without bond.


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