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High School Student Commits Suicide Due to "Corona Virus" Stress.

A 15-year-old California High School athlete took her life this week after experiencing increased stress and pressure due to the Corona Virus.

Danielle Hunt’s daughter, Jo’Vianni “Jo” Smith, was described as a young woman with a "great personality and a huge heart, and a bright future." Jackson was a promising athlete excelling in softball, basketball and track. Hunt, a single mother said that her daughter was struggling with the self-isolation restrictions but, not enough for her to be alarmed. Hunt said she returned home from work on Friday and her daughter was dead.

Jackson had hung herself.

Hunt says that she'd spoken to her daughter several times that day while she ran her catering business. She'd given no clues that she was under any duress and she left no note explaining why. Now, Hunt is advocating for parents to check in as often as they can with their children and to talk to them about dealing with their feelings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents, even if you don't think your child is struggling with the all of the new boundaries being placed on our communities, ask them any way. Oftentimes children can hide their feelings when parents are busy and not able to pay close attention to their mood changes. Oftentimes people show no signs at all. Do yourself a favor,take a moment today and ask your child how they're REALLY doing? It could save a life.


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