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“I already talked to God and I have to do this.” says Man Before Shooting Himself and His Girlfriend

A Wilson Borough, PA man is dead after shooting both himself and his long-time girlfriend. Police were called to the scene at a home on North 17th Street where they found gunshot victims. Roderick Bliss IV, 38, and his girlfriend, an unidentified 43-year-old-woman, were laying in their yard. The woman was clinging to life but able to tell an account of what happened. Bliss, who had a semi-automatic handgun near him, was unresponsive and not breathing.

Days prior to the shooting the woman says that Bliss had become agitated and was acting erratically after losing his job due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the day of the incident, the victim says that she had been inside the home and Bliss was in their basement.

Shortly before the shooting she says that he emerged from the basement and said to her, “I already talked to God and I have to do this.” She said that she got up and tried to run from him but only made it as far as their porch. He fired four shots at her and one of them struck her in the back.

Bliss then turned the gun on himself.

The victim was transported to St. Luke's Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. She has been placed in intensive care but is expected to recover.

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