16-Year-Old Wrestling Champs Foils Kidnapping in Progress! [WATCH]

A 16-year-old boy from New Mexico is bing hailed as a hero after stopping a kidnapping. Authorities say that Canaan Bower was filling up his truck at a gas station when he noticed something strange going on at the Greyhound stop across the street.

“Punches were being thrown and [he could hear] screams of terror, so he jumped in his truck and went across the street,” Canaan’s dad Troy Bower told the Las Cruces Sun-News. “By the time he got there, they had gone inside and so he got out of his truck and went inside — and there was a whole bunch of blood all over the floor.”

Canaan drove over to investigate and noticed that the suspect, identified as Daniel Beltran Arroyo, was trying to to kick in a door to an employees only area. That's when Canaan's protector instincts kicked into high gear! According to Canaan's father, his son "came up behind this guy and body-slammed him and got him in a chokehold and waited for the police to show up."

Canaan was just named wrestling district champion a few short weeks ago stopped Arroyo from abducting THREE children ages 9, 2, and 1. The entire incident was caught on store surveillance camera. Take a look.

That was intense! It looks like Canaan really knows his wrestling moves and earned his title fair and square!

Canaan's father Troy says that he's proud of his son but wanted to "wring his neck" for putting himself in harms way.

“You fear for your own child’s safety in that situation. You don’t know if this guy’s maybe got a gun or a knife — you don’t know what this guy’s capable of. I’m sure other people saw what was going on and didn’t get involved. It’s very terrifying that your child put himself at risk but, at the same time, confident that he would do the right thing and succeed in doing it.”

The sheriff’s department said there was no indication Arroyo and the family involved knew each other. He has been charged with four counts of battery, two counts each of assault and child abuse, and one count of kidnapping.

In a world where everything is going crazy it's good to know that there are still good people out there who are willing to help others.

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