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Man Convicted of Raping Girlfriend's Twin Toddlers and Infecting Them with Gonorrhea in 2018.

Mothers. . . we've got to do better when it comes to who we allow around our children. Everybody who pretends to be good to you IS NOT good for them.

Arturo Macarro Gutierrez, 36, was convicted Tuesday of four counts of criminal sexual conduct, including two in the first degree and two in the second degree, following a roughly four day trial, for raping his girlfriends twin four-year-old daughters.

According to

"Gutierrez was charged in October of 2018 after one of the 4-year-old girls told her grandmother that her “daddy” hurt her, according to the criminal complaint. Gutierrez was in a relationship with the girl’s mother at the time.

The woman took the child to Children’s Hospital, where tests were run that determined the girl had gonorrhea.

Police arrested Gutierrez after a SWAT team executed a search warrant at a residence in West St. Paul and found him hiding in the attic.

He denied hurting the girl, but was charged with her sexual assault after also testing positive for gonorrhea, court records say.

He was subsequently charged with sexually assaulting the girl’s twin sister when she, too, tested positive for the sexually transmitted disease."

County prosecutors are looking to seek the maximum sentence allowed in this case. Although the young girl referred to Gutierrez as "daddy", their actual relation remains unknown to protect the identity of the young victims. It seems this predator had the mother fooled but, we're glad the family listened to the child when she spoke up and sought help immediately. Too many times this type of offense is swept under the rug and dismissed in order to keep the man or keep him out of trouble.

Gutierrez is due back in court for sentencing on April 1, 2020.


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