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California Mom Gets Jumped by Her Daughter's School Bullies!

Maria Guadalupe Jimenez, of Union City, CA, was just taking a routine trip to her daughter's school to talk to her daughter's principal. Jimenez's daughter had told her parents that she was being bullied and her parents just wanted to talk to the administrator to find out what could be done. When Jimenez and her husband pulled up to the school with their daughter, they never got a chance to even state their case.

Eder Rojas, Jimenez's husband, says that his wife and daughter got out of their car and several teenage girls came out of the school building. There were barely any words exchanged as the girls began throwing punches at his 16-year-old daughter and his wife. When Rojas got between the girls to shield his daughter he says they began focusing their wrath on his wife leaving her bloody and with broken bones.

Via KRON4:

"Union City police say they responded to the scene and arrested one juvenile, who was charged with battery with serious bodily injury.

The school district says the fight involved two Logan High School students, a student’s family and someone not from the school.

They say the incident is being investigated by administration.

“I feel really angry, sad at the same time,” Rojas said.

According to the family, the bullying began about a year ago and happened on campus and online."

This is absolutely disgusting! Have parents failed so bad that this is what the next generation has become capable of? What would you have done in this situation? Are you the kind of person that would hit a child back? State your case in the comments below.

A GoFundMe has been organized to help with Mrs. Jimenez's medical expenses.


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