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Serial DUI Offender Crashes Into Pregnant Teacher Leaving Her Baby Shower Killing Her Unborn Baby.

Maurice Pruitt Sr. said that his daughter Mashayla Harper was overjoyed when she left her baby shower this past Saturday. Harper was expecting her first baby, a little girl she'd already named Londyn Alise Jones. The nursery was decorated to perfection and, at 36 weeks, Harper was counting the days until she got to meet her newborn.

Those dreams can to a horrific end when Harper left her baby shower. Within 15 minutes of her departure she was left clinging to life on the side of the road. The 24-year-old school teacher was hit by a drunk driver and found by a hunter who immediately called for emergency assistance.

Harper was taken to an area hospital and placed on life support. Little Londyn did not survive.

Via the Sun Herald:

"James Cory Gilbert, 33, is being held at the Jones County Detention Center on a $100,000 bond. He faces five charges as a result of the accident, according to the sheriff’s office: driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident causing death, leaving the scene causing injuries, marijuana possession and possession of paraphernalia.

Gilbert told a reporter that he was “very sorry” for leaving the scene, the newspaper reported.

The Jones County Sheriff’s Office told the Laurel-Leader Call that Gilbert hit Harper’s Honda Accord head-on in his Nissan Titan truck.

'He jumped out of his truck and ran and just left her out there to die,' Pruitt told the Sun Herald. He said the Sheriff’s Office located Gilbert within hours."

Harper, who was initially placed on life support is now in critical condition and is expected to live. She is recovering from extensive injuries, including head trauma, a broken leg and damage to her abdomen. Her mother, Chandra Harper, is with her at Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg.

Her parents have decided to put all of Londyn's things in storage in case Harper should get pregnant again someday. Our hearts go out to Harper and her family.

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