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Woman Leaves a Toddler to Drown in a Bathtub and Jumps from Her Building with Another Baby in Her Ar

We have no idea what's going on in the first few days of 2020 but it's evident something is wrong. A Chicago woman allegedly lost her grip and did the unthinkable early this morning. Emergency crews were called to a residential building around 1:45a.m. this morning on a call of a "person down". When police arrived they found a woman, in her 30's, laying on the ground with an unresponsive 1-year-old boy laying next to her.

The woman was taken to the hospital but the baby was pronounced dead.

Inside the woman's apartment there was an even more sinister scene. The woman's 70-year-old father lay bleeding from stab wounds and a 2-year-old boy was found unresponsive in a bathtub.

The man suffered cuts to his face and body and was transported to an area hospital. The 2-year-old, who also suffered wounds to his head, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman allegedly stabbed her father, wounded the older child and drowned him in the bathtub. She then cradled the younger child in her arms and leapt from her building, attempting to kill them both.

Both, the woman and her father, are in critical condition at this time.

We're praying for this family. This is horrible.

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